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Store Notes

For Premium Shopify account: 

Insert the Google Tag Manager snippet as high as possible in the header section of the Checkout.liquid file (You will only have this when you upgrade to a premium account) Note: Do this when you upgrade. 

Use one google email account for tag manager, analytics, merchant center, AdWords. If you do it this way you save time, money and you can skip this step. Make life easier. 

Use Google tag manager helper as a google chrome extension to make sure all of your google tags are running correctly.

You can setup google analytics by posting the tracking ID into the google analytics box under preferences.  

Don't pay suppliers with the same PayPal account that you receive the money from customers. Instead receive all customer's money from PayPal and other payment methods and currencies to one bank account and transfer funds between 3 accounts. One for Orders/Refunds, one for business investments and one for profit payout. Transfer the funds from PayPal to either your MSU bank account for placing the orders and dealing with refunds/chargebacks. You will have to put the money in Aliexpress wallet after this process to place orders with the corresponding debit card but use this card ONLY for placing orders and processing refunds. After 21 days transfer 70% of the profits from the customer orders to your investment bank account and use this account for marketing and all business investments. Transfer the other 30% to the profit account. NOTE: Keep track of days since the order so you can receive your money! 

As soon you receive the tracking number from the suppliers send them immediately to the customers via email. 

Chinese New Year is February 5th. Suppliers will shut down for a week or two starting February 4th through February 18th.